Always a photographer

I have always loved taking photos, I remember my Kodak Pazzazz camera with its baby blue shell and drop in film. It was the best and worst camera ever – the photos were so so but the joy I got carrying that thing around was something I will never forget.

I was about 11 or 12 when I started my first scrapbook. It had a tapestry cover and photo pockets with the note lines next to each one. I carefully selected each photo, wrote out the most clever captions, along with the date. Anytime my parents had company, I pulled out my scrapbooks and shared all the photos I had taken. They were nothing special but each one meant something to me. All the way through college I carefully constructed scrapbooks full of photos.

It is those memories, even today when I look at the scrapbooks I still have laying around, that have brought me to this new adventure.

When I got engaged and we started down the road to our wedding day, we had so many photos being taken. Everyone was sharing these great moments with us and looking at the photos made me I realized that it had been years since I had really taken my photos and done anything with them. I was always taking photos, but they just sat on my phone with no real purpose.

So I started printing photos out again. I bought frames. I made photo calendars for my mom and mother-in-law. When I was a kid I enjoyed the crafting of the scrapbooks and now as an adult, I cherish the memories and emotions those old scrapbooks still carry.

I share all this to let my clients know why I do what I do. Lone Crab Photography is about a little girl who loved to take photos growing up to remember the love, laughter, joy, happiness, and sometimes even sadness in each one taken all those years ago. I hope to capture that in every photo I take so it may always be a reminder to my clients of this season in their life.

Welcome to Lone Crab Photography – come as guests, leave as friends.


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