Life is not about how many breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away!

This simple quote is why I enjoy photography so much. For me, a photograph can bring back the feelings of love, laughter, and pure joy. Whether it is a posed family session, a birthday party, a day at the beach, or a wedding the photographs taken are what we use to reminisce and share with others. We want the photographs to show others the moments that we cannot quite put into words. The love, the joy, and even the tears can be felt through one simple photograph. This is why I love photography and what I hope to share with those visiting my site and in the sessions I shoot.

Merry Christmas & Welcome 2019

It has been a wonderful holiday season for me and my family. We have had a lot of blessings this year and are grateful for the many opportunities we have been presented. I have met so many new people, reconnected with some old, and grown current friendships even stronger. While 2018 has not been without some challenges, my outlook is positive and excited for the future.

Here is a little snapshot of some of my holiday fun!

Friendship Creekside Fellowship Fall Fest

Lone Crab Photography had the honor of taking photos at the Friendship Creekside Fellowship’s first annual fall fest! They did an amazing just setting up the cutest photo opportunity with the creek in the background.

If you need a photo booth for your next event, please feel free to reach out to me. We can set up the traditional booth style or create a setting perfect for group pictures. To complete the photos, we can customize the watermarks and have a take away keepsake to share with guest.

Fall photo season has begun!

With the coming of the cooler weather and holiday season it is time again for the annual holiday family photo sessions. I had the wonderful pleasure of capturing several families this year and here is a small sample for you to enjoy!LaRock2018-23Conklin2018-5Gehle2018-40Galvan2018-20

I have a few more upcoming in the next couple of weeks & I look forward to scheduling some mini-sessions through November to help out those last minute procrastinator families as well 🙂

Stay tuned!

Big Buddy’s Que (BBQ)

Labor Day weekend is always an exciting time to get together with friends and family, share a meal, and enjoy a few laughs. This Labor Day was no exception!

My husband, Christian, and his buddy, Wade competed in the Highpointe BBQ Cook-Off and I was there to document the 36+ hours of hard work and, in the end, award winning BBQ cooking.


These guys smoked chicken, pork ribs, pulled pork, and brisket for competition and being their first ever competition, did a fantastic job.

They ended up with a nice trophy for first place pulled pork and third place brisket!

We had a great turn out of family and friends to visit they guys and taste the yummy food. I must say I was very proud of their hard work and look forward to the next competition!


Let him be little, let him be wild!

I have known Carolyn for almost 30 years now and so last week getting to photograph her and her adorable family was such a great pleasure.


Her two little men are full of joy, energy, and humor! It was so great to see how these two interacted, I am sure they have their moments with one another, but when little brother insisted on posing just like big brother, it was such a sweet moment.


From super hero poses to just letting boys be boys, it was a terrific shoot.


When composing a gallery for my clients, I want to be able to share pictures that bring out who they are in this season of life.


I try not to only take posed shots because often you cannot capture a true smile, laugh, or emotion by just setting up models.


Thank you Haire family for allowing me the pleasure of capturing these photos. I look forward to doing it again!!!


Always a photographer

I have always loved taking photos, I remember my Kodak Pazzazz camera with its baby blue shell and drop in film. It was the best and worst camera ever – the photos were so so but the joy I got carrying that thing around was something I will never forget.

I was about 11 or 12 when I started my first scrapbook. It had a tapestry cover and photo pockets with the note lines next to each one. I carefully selected each photo, wrote out the most clever captions, along with the date. Anytime my parents had company, I pulled out my scrapbooks and shared all the photos I had taken. They were nothing special but each one meant something to me. All the way through college I carefully constructed scrapbooks full of photos.

It is those memories, even today when I look at the scrapbooks I still have laying around, that have brought me to this new adventure.

When I got engaged and we started down the road to our wedding day, we had so many photos being taken. Everyone was sharing these great moments with us and looking at the photos made me I realized that it had been years since I had really taken my photos and done anything with them. I was always taking photos, but they just sat on my phone with no real purpose.

So I started printing photos out again. I bought frames. I made photo calendars for my mom and mother-in-law. When I was a kid I enjoyed the crafting of the scrapbooks and now as an adult, I cherish the memories and emotions those old scrapbooks still carry.

I share all this to let my clients know why I do what I do. Lone Crab Photography is about a little girl who loved to take photos growing up to remember the love, laughter, joy, happiness, and sometimes even sadness in each one taken all those years ago. I hope to capture that in every photo I take so it may always be a reminder to my clients of this season in their life.

Welcome to Lone Crab Photography – come as guests, leave as friends.